Use Cases & Applications

The GIGAmacro Magnify2  is used in a wide range of applications and disciplines worldwide.

Because of the flexibility of the Magnify2 – literally from imaging coral reef growth in Tetiaroa Atoll, to eighty-three feet of food in a mosaic, we put together discipline-specific packages for our most numerous customers.

Take a look below: here are just a few of the many use cases and applications for the Magnify2.

Cicada septendecim. male, female & nymph

Batch digitize collections, microscope slides, pinned specimens, and share your collection online with the public. Allow researchers remote access to your collection and engage the public with incredibly detailed explorable images.

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17-year Cicada

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Siphonaptera (flea)

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Geologic specimens often are too big or bulky to fit under a microscope and even if they do, only a tiny portion of the subject is in focus at any given time. When we image specimens with GIGAmacro Magnify2, we can then uncover incredible detail at the microscopic level and bring a high depth of field / focal depth to view. That image can then be shared with colleagues, compared with other specimens, used in classroom curricula, analyzed, measured, and annotated online.

Core Sample

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Columbia Gabbro Thin Section

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Ideal for failure analysis, metrology, parts inspection, documentation, research, and development. Use the GIGAmacro Magnify2 to batch digitize parts from small to large in a single system. Custom builds are available for specialized applications.

Circuit Board with Cross Polarization

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Exposed Integrated Circuit

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Examine toolmarks, inspect artifacts, and digitize specimens with our versatile GIGAmacro Magnify2 system. In particular, use our system for digitizing firearms casings and then examining online using the GIGAmacro Viewer.

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9mm Casing

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Life Sciences

Studying living organisms is challenging to say the least. They are constantly evolving, changing, moving, and growing…and examination without adversely affecting what you are examining is extremely difficult. GIGAmacro extends well beyond static subjects. In fact it is particularly ideal for studying living organisms. With living organisms we can take a short amount of time to document a stage of development and then spend as much time as we like exploring and studying it, without adversely affecting the organisms themselves.

Saltwater Settling Plate

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Eucalyptus Leaf

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Cultural Artifacts

Use the GIGAmacro system for preservation, conservation, and documentation of important artifacts. Often details are too difficult to see or examine under a microscope. Using the system, complex three dimensional artifacts can be explored, examined, and shared online.

Dare Stone

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Roman Coin

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