Magnify2 Support & Maintenance Options

GIGAmacro takes great pride in being a ‘high touch’ organization.  We want to give the very best service and care to your system and to support your people in making the best images possible.  Our Support & Maintenance packages include on-line training for your existing employees and new hires, so that your people and your system are providing the best return on your investment.

There is a variety of options to ensure that your system stays up to date, is well maintained and available for use at all times.

Support & Maintenance Levels

  Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Ad Hoc
Cost Per Year $1,500 $2,500 $3,600  
Phone Support1 10 hours 40 hours Unlimited $100 ph
Email Support 3 day response 2 day response Same day response 5 day
Bug reporting
On-line Training2 2 hours 5  hours 12 hours $125 ph
Control Box Firmware Update3 1 1 1 $500 release
Viewer Client Use & Update3 4 1 System 5 Systems Unlimited List Price
Capture Software Update3 1 1 1 $500 release
Database / Backend Update3 1 $750 release
GIGAmacro Workflow Update3 1 $750 release
GIGAmacro Replacement Parts5 List Price List Price – 50% Included List Price
Parts shipping Standard S&H At Cost Included List Price
On-site Support6 (per day) $1,200 $750 $550 $1,500
Lapsed Support Catchup
Development Priority Voting