Rental Systems

Need to image a specimen or two, but can’t justify having your own Magnify2?

Our rental systems are one of the most cost-efficient ways to produce imagery.  You can use the Magnify2 at almost any remote location – the most remote / exotic location to date is Tetiaroa Atol or for a specific project – such as shooting human skin at ultra high resolution.

Whatever your need, we ship the Magnify2 system in a custom-built crate, with computing resources, camera, and optics, complete and secure.

We can train you on the system remotely or you can choose to drag yourself to wine country in Napa, CA for in-house training on the system.

  • Magnify2 Robotic Imaging System
  • Camera & Optics
  • Computer System(s)
  • Online Training

From $3,000 per month or $7,000 per quarter

GIGAmacro Magnify 2 Robotic Imaging system