Toolmakers' Telecentric Lenses

We use this series of lenses for highly accurate measurements and perfect stitching of image mosaics. We’ve adapted the Nikon Toolmakers’ Series microscope objectives for use with Canon DSLR cameras. The finite microscope objectives are telecentric (parallax free), have an outstanding working distance, and produce crisp images.  Whilst not as flexible as the macro zoom lens shipped with the standard Magnify2, lenses in a variety of magnifications (3X and 5X are the most popular) guarantee the best possible results.

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  • DSLR Compatible

    For use with any Canon DSLR camera including full frame sensors, with the GIGAmacro Adapter Stack.

  • Telecentric

    Toolmakers’ Lenses eliminate parallax in imagery for perfect alignment of photographs when stacking and stitching.  This means accurate measurements in the final GIGAmacro image.

  • Excellent Working Distance

    Working distance is critical in macro photography; in general purposes lenses it is often a very small distance which restricts the depth of a specimen that can be imaged.  With working distances (see chart below) as much as 2-3″, these objectives allow imaging of subjects with a high degree of dimensionality such as circuit boards, insects, and geologic samples.

  • Interchangeable Optics

    Use the same GIGAmacro Stack Adapter for the full range of objectives including 1X, 3X, 5X, 10X, and 20X. The standard Canon bayonet mount makes for quick and easy lens swaps.

Features & Specifications
Lens Magnification Depth of Field Working Distance NA FOV (APS-C) FOV (fullframe)
 Nikon TM1X 1.0 322 micron 79 mm 0.03  22.50 mm *  36.0 mm **
 Nikon TM3X 3.0 36 micron 75.5 mm 0.09  7.50 mm  12.00 mm *
 Nikon TM5X 5.0 17 micron  64 mm  0.13  4.50 mm  7.20 mm *
 Nikon TM10X 10.0 7 micron  48 mm  0.20  2.25 mm  3.60 mm
Nikon TM20X 20.0 1.8 micron  20.3 mm 0.40 1.13 mm 1.80 mm

* Slight Vignetting
** Major Vignetting / Not Advised


58mm Filter Adapter This adapter allows you to use a 58mm filter on the end of the microscope objective. Three non-metallic thumb screws hold the adapter in place on any of the lenses in this series. Light Diffuser The diffuser provides greatly softened light up close to your subject. The key to its success is providing diffusion close to the subject, allowing room for flash head positioning, preserving working distance, and uses a custom dual surfacing of the diffusion substrate. Cross Polarization Kit Use to eliminate glare from highly reflective subjects or for special applications such as geology thin slice imaging.