Content Licensing

Most of the imagery that you see in the GIGAmacro Viewer is available as high resolution digital images for print, display, exhibition, or advertising purposes. We produce large prints for exhibits, or we can license digital versions of our images for electronic display, to create your own prints, or to produce derivative works.

Each use is unique, so call us discuss your needs, our license terms and pricing.

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Extreme Resolutions & Print Examples

Want an extremely outlandish and totally ridiculous example?  Our Terabite image, if printed at 300dpi, would be over 30 feet high and half a mile long!

On this page are just a few examples of images – there are many more in our gallery – each has the maximum size available in the information panel (click on the (i) on the right hand side) in the viewer window.

One-Color Snail-Eating Beetle
Snail Eating Beetle

This image is 1.32 gigapixels, and can be printed up to 192″ x 76″ at 300dpi.

Cicada Male (Magicada septendecim).

This image is 1.05 gigapixels, and can be printed up to 55″ x 65″ @300dpi.