Products and Services

GIGAmacro provides products and services specifically designed for extreme resolution imaging of small subjects.

Cicada septendecim. male, female & nymph
Magnify2 Robotic Imaging System

This flagship system is specifically designed for creating gigapixel resolution imagery of macroscopic and microscopic subjects.

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GIGAmacro Viewer

Explore, measure, compare, annotate, and share extreme resolution images on your mobile phone, tablet, and desktop web browser.

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  • Online Viewing & Sharing of Gigapixel Images
  • Measurements & Scale Bars
  • Annotation Tools
  • Comparison Viewing
  • Mobile, Tablet, & Desktop Compatible
Imaging Services

Contract with us for small or large scale imaging projects. We produce imagery in-house or we bring our equipment and team onsite for your project.

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History Channel Preview
Magnify2 System Rental

Rent a Magnify2 system for short-term projects (usually one to two months). We ship the Magnify2 to you in a custom-built shipping crate, provide on-line training, and support your imaging needs whilst you capture amazing images.

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3 Magnify Systems for #Terapixel
Custom Builds & Prototyping

We offer build to order systems for large subjects and special needs. Custom systems have been installed in clean room settings, production facilities, and shipped internationally.

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Content Licensing

Browse our collection of gigapixel macroscopic and microscopic imagery for use in educational products, trade show displays, and interior design.

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