Ultra High-Resolution Imaging for Manufacturing, Science, Research & Education

Digitize specimens, subjects, and collections with unprecedented resolution and focus.

Share work online or privately with public, clients, colleagues, students, and researchers.

Imaging Examples & Applications

Entomology (Use Case)

Example: 17-year Cicada

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Geology (Use Case)

Example: Core Sample Imaging

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Manufacturing (Use Case)

Example: PCB / IC Inspection

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  • Extreme Resolution & Focus

    Image entire subjects with astounding resolution and depth of field. Combines focal stacking, image stitching, 3D depthmaps, robotics, and online viewing in one system.

  • Complete Turn-key System

    Includes robotics, optics, flash system, software, online viewing, camera, computer, monitor, and support.

  • Automated Batch Capture

    Digitize a set of parts, specimens, and slides with automation tools built into the capture software.

  • Extremely Flexible

    Accommodates a wide variety of subject type and sizes in a single system. Choose from many different camera, lens, and lighting options to suit your needs.

  • Online Viewing

    View, annotate, compare, measure, and present your images online with the GIGAmacro Viewer much like a Google map.

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