GIGAmacro Magnify2 Robotic Imaging System

The GIGAmacro Magnify2 system is specifically designed for creating gigapixel resolution imagery of macroscopic and microscopic subjects. The complete turn-key system provides the robotics, optics, camera, software, and computing power to create gigapixel macro images with ease. It combines the latest imaging advancements, software, hardware, and online gigapixel viewing into one system at an affordable price.

  • Extreme Resolution & Focus

    Image entire subjects with astounding resolution and depth of field. Combines focal stacking, image stitching, 3D depthmaps, robotics, and online viewing in one system.

  • Complete Turn-key System

    Includes robotics, optics, flash system, software, online viewing, camera, computer, monitor, and support.

  • Automated Batch Capture

    Digitize a set of parts, specimens, and slides with automation tools built into the capture software.

  • Extremely Flexible

    Accommodates a wide variety of subject type and sizes in a single system. Choose from many different camera, lens, and lighting options to suit your needs.

  • Online Viewing

    View, annotate, compare, measure, and present your images online with the GIGAmacro Viewer much like a Google map.

Imaging Examples & Applications

Entomology (Use Case)

17-year Cicada

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Geology (Use Case)

Core Sample Imaging

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Manufacturing (Use Case)

PCB / IC Inspection

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Standard System Details

The standard system is designed for maximum flexibility and cost efficiency. Depending on your application, the system can be configured with different camera, lens, and lighting options. Custom systems are available for clean room applications, larger subjects, and specialized applications.

  • Canon T8i 24 megapixel DSLR
  • Canon MPE 65mm 1X to 5X
  • Canon MT26-EX Dual Flash [or equivalent]
  • GIGAmacro Capture Software
  • GIGAmacro Viewer Software
  • Zerene Stacker
  • Krpano
  • PTGui
  • Computer configured with Windows 10 or 11, 16 GB RAM, 3TB Drive with 22″ Monitor
  • 6 months Parts and Labor
  • Standard System Price: $48,750 USD
Imaging Area 635mm (X) x 534mm (Y) x 254mm (Z)
Imaging Resolution Resolvable detail as high as 1 micron.
Imaging Stage Dimensions  825mm x 750mm (6.5mm Safety Glass)
 Positioning Accuracy  16 micron (X, Y); 3 micron Z
 Positioning Speed  76 mm/sec (X, Y); 12 mm/sec (Z) axis
 Bearings, Rails, Lead System  High performance precision IGUS Drylin anodized aluminum rails, bearings, lead screws and nuts (no lubrication needed)
 Dimensions  97cm width x 83cm length x 91.5cm high. (Folds to 23cm high for shipping)
Weight of System 27.5Kg
Shipping Dimensions (crated) 110cm W x 97 cm L x 39cm H. (2.46m LWH)
Control Enclosure Dimensions 25cm W x 22cm H x 42cm L. 5.5Kg
Power requirements 650 W; 110V or 220V compatible. Additional power needed for imaging computer
Camera Options

The system works with many different models of cameras. We typically use and recommend the following cameras.

Canon T8i

Cost effective 24 megapixel DSLR, APS-C CMOS Sensor

Canon 5D Mark IV

Professional grade 30 megapixel DSLR, Full-frame CMOS Sensor

Canon 5DS / 5DSR

Professional 50 megapixel USB 3 DSLR, Full-frame CMOS Sensor
Lens Options

Macro and microscopic lenses are interchangeable on the Magnify2. Determine the level of detail and resolution you need then match that need to the lens. Other options are available, however, we recommend these lenses for most applications.

Lens Key Features Magnification Microns per Pixel using Canon T8i
Canon 100mm Macro Covers very wide field of view for low magnification work. 0.25X to 1X 17.2 at 0.25X, 4.28 at 1X
Canon MPE 65mm Excellent general purpose lens. 1X to 5X 4.28 at 1X, 0.85 at 5X
Nikon Toolmakers Telecentric Microscope Objectives Ideal for high precision measurement applications. 1X, 3X, 5X, 10X 4.28 at 1X, 0.42 at 10X
Nikon Infinity Corrected Microscope Objectives Superior quality for low-relief subjects such as microscope slides. 10X  0.42 at 10X
Additional Options
  • Transmissive Lighting (Backlighting) Option

    Lighting the subject from the back dramatically expands the capabilities of the Magnify2 system. Use it for digitizing slides, x-rays, semi-translucent parts, or simply brightening the background of your subject.

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  • Batch Digitization Templates

    Image multiple subjects in a single batch using digitization templates. Each subject is saved individual project with its own data folder.

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  • Cross Polarization

    Use cross polarization to reduce glare on subjects and for special applications such as geology thin section slides. The effect is dramatic and useful for a variety of applications.

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  • Nikon Toolmakers Objectives

    The finite microscope objectives are telecentric (parallax free), have an outstanding working distance, and produce crisp images.

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  • Support & Maintenance

    Our Support & Maintenance packages include on-line training for your existing employees and new hires, so that your people and your system are providing the best return on your investment.

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