Digitize collections, create content for exhibits, and enable new discoveries in education and research.

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Featured Client | California Academy of Sciences

Leading the team is Anne Barber, Digitization Project Manager. Anne and her team use the system across multiple disciplines to digitize collections, create content for exhibits, and enable new studies in education and research.

In this YouTube video produced by The California Academy of Sciences, Anne Barber talks about how they are using GIGAmacro to digitize collections.

The Magnify2 system was used to produce the engaging touchscreen content in the exhibition The Color of Life. 

Example Imaging Applications

Explore a wide range of examples demonstrating the flexibility and power of the GIGAmacro technology.

Batch digitization used to capture multiple specimens.

Whole drawers can be captured in as little as 15 minutes per drawer.

Slide mounted specimens can be imaged using our backlighting and batch template options.

Specimens stored in ethanol or other liquids can be digitized with amazing clarity.

Compare multiple specimens side by side using the online viewer.

Benefits and Features
Efficient Digitization

Use automation tools to rapidly digitize collections large and small.

  • Batch Capture Templates
  • Specimen Template Holders
  • Automated Capture Software
  • Integrated Capture Metadata
High Focus Depth & Resolution

Digitize at resolutions up to 1 micron with amazing depth and clarity.

  • Scalable Resolution
  • Deep Focus
  • Large Capture Area (20″ x 24″)
  • Reflective and Transmissive
Online Sharing

Use the GIGAmacro Viewer to share imagery and content.

  • Measurement Tools
  • Annotation Tools
  • Access Anywhere
  • Content Management
Recommended Products and Services
GIGAmacro Magnify2

The Magnify2 is the workhorse for digitization of your collections and specimens. For entomology applications, recommended options include:

  • Batch Capture Templates
  • Specimen Template Holders
  • Backlight System for Transmission
  • Rental Options
Imaging & Exhibit Services

Contract with GIGAmacro for special projects, exhibits, and imaging needs. Or if possible, ship specimens to our studios for imaging on demand.

  • Onsite Imaging
  • Offsite Imaging
  • Exhibit design and Fabrication
  • Custom Systems
GIGAmacro Magnify 2 Robotic Imaging system