Magnify2 User Guides, Documentation and Settings

There is a lot to understand to make great GIGAmacro images. And those little details can make a startling difference, the difference between a spectacular image and one that is just OK. Here is where you can find User Guides, settings for applications and other documentation for the GIGAmacro Magnify2 system. You will also find links to documentation for included third-party software and for the GIGAmacro recommended settings for all software packages. Documentation is constantly updated; every time we make an edit, the document (and all the documents that depend upon it) are updated in almost real-time, so check back regularly to make sure you always have the latest, most up to date version.

Documents and Downloads


Setup & Installation Online PDF eBook (coming soon)
Operations & Workflow Online PDF eBook (coming soon)
Tiling for uploading to GIGAmacro Viewer Online PDF  
GIGAmacro Viewer Online PDF eBook (coming soon)
Troubleshooting: Included in Setup & Operations Guides. Online PDF  
Zerene Stacker settings: Included in Operations Guide. Online  PDF  
DSLR Remote Pro Settings: Included in Operations Guide.      
Autopano GIGA Settings: Included in Operations Guide. Online   PDF