Imaging Services

Our experienced staff can produce amazing imagery for you. We provide all the equipment and expertise, you receive incredible imagery for your project. Our services have been utilized by major manufacturers, universities, private individuals, and television producers. Take a look at the History Channel video on the right as an example of how we can help. Projects can be as small as an insect or as large as the eighty-three linear feet of food we imaged to make the Terabite image – the world’s first one trillion pixel macro image.

History Channel Preview
In-House Imaging

We image your subject at our studio in Napa, CA and send you the files via download, ftp, or on a hard drive. Ideal for single image projects or projects where you would like a fully finished image, ready for use. We utilize our in-house collection of computing power, robotic imaging systems, and optics and put them to work for you.

Starting at $1,000 / day

Onsite Imaging

We ship a complete Magnify2 system with our imaging experts to your site and produce images onsite for your project. From a single day task to a long term contract, we can take care of your needs. You receive the entire photographic data set and the final images ready for use. Ideal for projects where subjects are not able to be transported to our location for imaging or where our personal onsite attention is preferred.

Starting at $1,500 / day

Long Term Contracts

Contact us if you are looking for a long term imaging provider for your publications, production workload, or special project. We can setup a cost-efficient customized plan for you that includes hardware, optics, compute resources and, of course , our expert photographers and imaging professionals.

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