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This is where we share our thoughts, our ideas, and our dreams for everything to do with gigapixel macro imaging, and everything else. We welcome your comments and feedback at [email protected].

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What’s Next for the GIGAmacro Viewer?

What’s Next for the GIGAmacro Viewer? The GIGAmacro Viewer is constantly updated to add new functionality and to fix any problems we find. See the list below! In talking to a number of users, we are hearing requests for “storytelling” features such as the ability to selectively display Features, to add Features in a sequence (like playing back…


Big Insect Match Maker at Maker Faire Bay Area

Be a part of the Big Insect Match Maker at Maker Faire Bay Area Are you any match for an insect? Come find which insect best matches your unique maker skills and interests. Get your portrait taken with a giant print of your insect. Learn how technology is shedding light on the maker skills of the insect world.  Here’s how you can be…

Stonerose Fossil

Using the GIGAmacro Viewer to Annotate Your Gigapan Images

Using the GIGAmacro Viewer to Annotate Your Gigapan Images Here’s how to annotate your Gigapan images. Gigapan images have been popular for ten years or so, and the gigapan.org web site claims over 55,000 members.  Many of GIGAmacro customers have legacy images on gigapan.org and wanted a way to additional functionality – such as annotations –…


How to Make Gigapixel Macro Images

    The Overall Process The GIGAmacro images featured in the GIGAmacro Viewer are assembled from hundreds, or more often thousands, of individual photographs.  To create a gigapixel image, we use a technique generally known as “Stack and Stitch”. Focus Stacking Focus stacking is a technique which combines multiple images taken at different focus planes…

Stonerose Fossil with Information Panel

The Power of Annotating and Sharing Gigapixel Images

The Power of Annotating and Sharing Gigapixel Images. The power of annotating and sharing gigapixel images was shown when we were at the Geological Society of America conference in Seattle recently. We got chatting with the folks at the Stonerose Interpretive Center in Eastern WA state, right by the Canadian border. They showed us the fossil below and…

Delphi - South Wall

The East Wall at Delphi Text Inscriptions and Translation

Adrian High is a PhD student at Duke University whose research is fuelled by a fascination with ancient documentary evidence. He explored the multilingual epigraphic record from second and third century Histria on the Black Sea through the prism of sociolinguistic theory as part of his Mag.Phil. at the University of Vienna. This blog is…

RAW Processing Using Adobe Lightroom

RAW Workflow for Gigapixel Macro Images

RAW Workflow for Gigapixel Macro Images For the vast majority of gigapixel macro imaging, jpg photos and 8-bit workflows are perfectly acceptable, and we ship the Magnify2 configured that way.  But what when jpg doesn’t fit the bill? Sometimes we need a RAW workflow for gigapixel macro images. That’s what this blog article is about.   First, some…

GIGAmacro Viewer

Store Gigapixel Images Free, here’s how

You can now store your Gigapixel Images for FREE, here’s how. With the release of the latest GIGAmacro Viewer, you can store gigapixel images free and share them, with a private group or with the world at large. To do this you will need to create a username and password and then follow the steps below to…


The Dreaded Error 20 Shutter Failure

At some point in a DSLR camera’s lifetime, the mechanical shutter is likely to fail. It is a precise and delicate mechanical part of the camera that has to perform perfectly with every shot. We get some odd looks when we tell clients that cameras should be regarded as a consumable item!  But the reality…


Wet Specimen Holder for Macroinvertebrates

Wet specimen holder for macroinvertebrates. Wet specimens are hard to image well.  This template and holder are designed to change that, and make producing high-resolution macro images simple and predictable. The key design goals included: Provide diffuse lighting for the subject – form above or below. Keep specimen wet during the photography process. Minimize alcohol or…