Transmissive (Backlighting) Option for Magnify2

Lighting the subject from the back dramatically expands the capabilities of the Magnify2 system. Use it for digitizing slides, x-rays, semi-translucent parts, or simply brightening the background of your subject.

  • Synchronized Flash

    Powered by a photograph flash system, the module is synchronized with the standard camera flash to deliver consistent calibrated high intensity light.

  • Synchronized Movement

    The module is synchronized with the x and y axis and keeps the backlight perfectly positioned under your subject at all times.

  • Fast Cycle Times

    The module recharges in less than one second and uses active cooling to produce rapid bursts of high intensity light.

  • Adjustable Intensity

    Intensity is easily adjusted using a built in adjustable neutral density filter system.

Backlighting Uses & Examples

Sarcoma Microscope Slide

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Eucalyptus Leaf

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Gabbro Thin Section Geology Slide

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White Diffuser Panel for Templates

Use the diffusion panel to provide a consistent white background for your subjects. Ideal for brightfield microscopy and imaging subjects with a perfectly illuminated background.

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Backlighting Cross Polarizing Template

Use with our batch digitization templates for geologic thin section slides and back-lighting option.

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