Optional Aluminum Imaging Table

For many of our clients the standard glass scanning table works well.  Some customers wish to secure items to be photographed more securely and/or more precisely and repeatably on the scanning table. When this is the case  we can supply an aluminum scanning table which has thread mounts at 1.5″ centers over the entire working surface.

The item to be photographed can then be secured in position using the screw mounts.  If you have many parts that are identical this, can be an ideal solution.


  • Imaging Table Dimensions: 825mm x 750mm
  • Imaging Area: 635mm (X) x 534mm (Y)
  • Surface etched, and anodized table
  • Key inserts: 18-8SS Key-Locking thick wall inserts, 8-32 interior thread, 5/16″- 18 exterior thread, 5/16″ length.

 Price $3325

The Aluminum Scanning Table
The Aluminum Scanning Table
The Aluminum Scanning Table